13 ghost hunting apps that claim to find paranormal activity


You don’t have to wait for Halloween to use a ghost hunting app. It’s an exciting thing to do if you’re stuck at home, and even more fun to do with friends. Whether you descend into your spooky basement to speak to spirits or venture into the woods in search of apparitions, you never know what you might find lurking in the dark.

In fact, an October 2021 survey of 2,000 people conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Phantom Wines found that over 63% of respondents believe in the paranormal in some form or another, and 44% have even had their own personal paranormal encounter. A third of those surveyed said they felt a vague “unexplained presence” in their home, whether due to flashing lights or doors closing randomly. And for the 23% who said they didn’t believe in the paranormal, they admitted they still wouldn’t want to “cause” anything. (Looking at you, Ouija boards.)

Whether you want to debunk these claims or prove once and for all that your hallway is truly haunted, a ghost hunting app will come in handy. Most of them have heavy disclaimers stating that they can’t actually check for ghosts. But you know what? That shouldn’t stop you from fiddling with tools like EMF meters or EVP recorders – and having a scary time.

Here are the 13 best ghost hunting apps that could help you detect paranormal activity.


Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector


GhostTube SLS

The GhostTube SLS app uses your phone’s technology to detect “humanoid bodies” in your environment by projecting a grid of infrared light. If your phone is new enough, it will also give you night vision capabilities. Open the app the next time your neck hair stands up and see if anyone – or Something – lingers in the shadows.

Download GhostTube SLS for Apple

Download GhostTube SLS for Android


ghost hunting tools

Ghost Hunting Tools, available only to iPhone users, includes an EMF reader that detects electromagnetic field fluctuations and an EVP recorder, which picks up electronic voice phenomena – things that IRL ghost hunters rely on to detect spirits from another world. It uses a 1000-word dictionary to help you guess the spirit’s intent. And while the app says it’s just for fun, reviewers claim otherwise: a review from June 2021 is titled, in all caps, “100% REAL.”

Download Ghost Hunting Tools



This ghost hunting app produces ghost speech, called trans instrumental communication, based on changes to your phone’s sensors. Who knows if it’s real or if it’s just relying on what your phone already knows about you to send you creepy messages? Either way, it’s sure to be scary.

Download iOvilus for $1.99.


Spirit Board

Ask the Spirit Board questions or type text, then wait for a ghost to respond. To really set the mood, the designers suggest darkening your room and lighting a few candles. Then place your fingers on the planchette, Ouija board style, to initiate a ghostly conversation. If a spirit answers your questions, the planchette will move to show its answer. With four stars and over 30,000 reviews on the App Store, you know you’re in for a scary time.

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Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar


Ghost Radar: CLASSIC

If you’re an experienced ghost hunter, you probably already know that traditional paranormal equipment can malfunction if “normal energy” interferes with the readings. Ghost Radar: CLASSIC solves this problem for you by analyzing reads only when interesting patterns occur. So rest assured that you can continue your investigation without being fooled by something trivial, such as the sound of wind or water disturbing your reading.

Download Ghost Radar: CLASSIC for Apple

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Ghost Tracker EMF Recorder EVP


Sono X10 spirit box

To switch things up, try the Sono X10 Spirit Box, which is another tool Johnston likes to use. To sum up what a spirit box is, the creators of the app have made it simple: “It’s not the voice of the spirit that you hear, but the spirit can create words from the bank of voice by manipulating the sensors of the mobile.” Hmm, scary!

Download Sono X10 Spirit Box for Apple


Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner

This app is for anyone interested in paranormal investigation and research. It offers “fun and easy to use” EMF detection, automated EMF recording, and the ability to analyze your results right in the app. Prepare to hear ~ghostly voices~.

Download Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner for Apple


Night Ghost Hunting Toolkit


Ghost Hunting Toolkit

This app provides you with five powerful ghost hunting tools including an EMF detector, vibration detector, power detector, EVP recorder and even an interrogation tool to interrogate smart haunts. Use the Vibration Detector to check if your furniture is shaking on its own, and the Power Detector to “cause entities to reveal their manifestation strength”.

Download Ghosthunting Toolkit for Apple for $5.99


Ghost Detector Radar Camera

Warning: this app is terrible. To use it, gear up and walk around using the screen to hunt ghosts. If one appears, use the app to ask them questions. It’s an “ultra-realistic experience” that might as well be real, especially if you’re using the app alone.

Download Ghost Detector Radar Camera for Apple

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