Ben Affleck shares fond memory of Robin Williams from Good Will Hunting


Ben Affleck recalls filming Good Will Hunting with Robin Williams and shares his experience working with the late actor and comedian.

Ben Affleck remembers Robin Williams in touching memory of Goodwill hunting. Affleck had a wonderful year, co-writing and appearing in Ridley Scott’s The last duel and on the poster of George Clooney The tender bar, receiving Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for the latter. The last duel reunites Affleck with Matt Damon, his childhood friend with whom he co-wrote Goodwill hunting, earning the duo their first Oscar win and setting them on the right track for their enduring careers.

A key for Goodwill huntingWill’s hit was the casting of Robin Williams, who played Will’s therapist, Dr. Sean Maguire. Prior to the film, Williams was an established movie star known in the comedy and drama genres for her roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society, alarm clocks, and good morning vietnam. Williams didn’t know Damon or Affleck, but admired the strength of the script enough to sign on. The decision paid off for him, as he received his first Oscar for the role.


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In an interview with EO, Affleck recalls filming Goodwill hunting with Williams. Despite being the most experienced actor of the three, Williams always asked for opinions during his scenes, as well as numerous takes to get a good performance. Affleck also talks about Williams’ behind-the-scenes personality, confirming him as one of the nicest, funniest, and most collaborative actors. Affleck’s statement about Williams can be read below:

He was the biggest star in the world. He leaned on a lot. [But] he never seemed condescending, worried or impatient. He just came with that collaborative spirit, he embraced it. And it was more like him saying, ‘How was it? What do you think? I think we should start again tomorrow. I would be [like], ‘Robin, you’ve done it 40 times. And they were all great! We don’t need to reshoot tomorrow. But we’d be back there doing his monologue, and he put his heart and soul into it, [though] I remember his personal issues that I could tell would arise in moments. And God, he was a wonderful, funny guy.

Good Will Hunting Robin Williams

It’s clear that Williams put all of her talent into this film, and her therapy scenes with Damon are among the film’s iconic moments. It is considered by many fans to be his finest dramatic performance, solidifying him as one of the most versatile actors and someone who always took his craft seriously. His death in 2014 was greeted by an immediate wave of industry peers and affirmed him as an immeasurable talent and a great person, which is reflected in Affleck’s statement.

Williams left a massive impact on audiences and the entertainment industry. His legacy as a national treasure has inspired generations of actors and comedians, and he cemented his personality in history as a role model figure. Goodwill hunting is considered by many to be a standout film of this decade, and it wouldn’t be what it is without Williams and his performance.

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