Deer hunting paradise for sale in Medina [PHOTOS]


This property is just perfect!! If you like hunting or fishing, this spot near Medina is unreal!

10563 Route 31, Medina, NY is selling for just under $800,000 asking price and after looking at the pictures, it looks like a steal.

Deer hunting paradise in Medina

12 years of low-impact, archery-only QDM have been practiced. There is a dedicated 11 acre “SHRINE” bedding area comprised of 30 foot tall Colorado blue spruce pines – which is ONLY entered to retrieve a deer harvested and lost antlers in early March. Gated entrance and 6 foot high chain link perimeter fence around the ENTIRE property. Deer, turkey, waterfowl and small game are available to hunt.

Honestly, if I had the money for this place, it would be a great place! These 80 acres look like something you might see on the Outdoor Channel or a lumber/hunting magazine!

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