Ghost Hunting at the Morris-Jumel Mansion in New York


The Morris-Jumel mansion had been in New York since before the Revolutionary War. Built in 1765, the house served as General George Washington’s war room and Aaron Burr’s residence. It’s full of history…and just as many ghost stories.

“If there are ghosts, they are here,” said paranormal investigator Vincent Carbone, who also runs tours of the mansion.

Built in 1765, the Morris-Jumel Mansion served as General George Washington’s war room and Aaron Burr’s home — and something, according to paranormal investigators, still lives there.

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“Sunday Morning” producer Sara Kugel asked, “What kind of stuff did you see?

“I didn’t see much, but I heard disembodied voices, footsteps. I heard objects moving. Other staff saw things, they heard things too.”

Including activity in Aaron Burr’s former bedroom.

“In the paranormal industry there is a term called EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomenon,” Carbone said. “It’s a sound or voice recorded on a digital recording device that you haven’t heard in real time.

“About two years ago we were recording in this room, and about a week after the investigation, the crew chief sent us this clip and said, ‘Hey, guys, we’ve got something in the bedroom. from Burr and I don’t know what it is. ‘”

Carbone played the music video. “Notice no one reacts, because we didn’t hear it. But also notice it’s so loud that it echoes, much like our voices in the room at the same time.”

Although the sound was isolated from the background noise, Carbone said no one could determine what exactly it was.

And what does the voice say? “Everyone has a different opinion,” he replied. “When I first heard him, I thought he was saying, ‘He doesn’t love you. Some people say, ‘They’re going to laugh at you.'”

Hear for Yourself: Audio of a Mysterious Voice Screaming in Aaron Burr’s Bedroom

“Sunday morning” was still skeptical, so Carbone showed us some of his paranormal investigation gadgets, including an electric magnetic field meter. It is a device used to diagnose electrical problems, but it is also used by ghost hunters who believe that spirits tap into energy sources to manifest themselves. The closer you are to an electric field, they say, the brighter its lights become.

An electric magnetic field meter goes wild in Aaron Burr’s bedroom. Why?

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Electric magnetic field meters were brought into Burr’s room. “This piece of furniture is original. It comes from France; Eliza Jumel [who was married to Burr] owned that. There is nothing electronic in, around or under this furniture,” Carbone said.

Counters placed on two chairs lit up brilliantly. “I’m not saying we’re definitely capturing ghost conversation here, but it’s quite interesting. It opens up the dialogue a bit more,” he said.

The Morris-Jumel Mansion hosts ghost tours twice a month, for believers and non-believers.

Carbone said, “A healthy skepticism is what we want. I would much rather investigate with a room full of skeptics than with someone who is truly a believer.”

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Story produced by Roman Feeser and Sara Kugel.


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