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The following article is part of an April Fool’s Day edition of The Etownian: The stories are fake but the interviews/quotes are real.

The night Elizabethtown College graduate student Becca Russell was tasked with patrolling the art exhibit in Leffler Chapel, she assumed the bathroom would be a place to simply do her business before heading home. her for the night. However, someone (or maybe something) decided to turn it into a festival of fear, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “scare yourself”.

Still in the stall, she listened to the sound of someone’s footsteps rushing inside, then the slamming of a stall a few doors down. There was no shadow – no sign of footsteps under the cabin walls – yet she swore she heard it. After washing her hands, she decided to check out her new friend, only to find that all the stalls were empty. Any sign of disturbance had simply disappeared.

Thinking that maybe the other person had managed to leave without her noticing (which she assumed meant they hadn’t washed their hands), she searched the rest of the building. Yet there was no one. She was truly the only person on patrol, the only person who had been in that bathroom, and apparently the only person who had experienced the absolute absurdity of that night.

Although she felt lonely that night, Becca Russell wasn’t the only student to claim to have experienced inexplicable, possibly paranormal events here at the College. As she walked to class the next day, telling the story to a friend, another passing student overheard and confirmed the mystery: “Yeah no, this place is totally haunted.” Even in 2013, a paranormal ghost show team came to campus to investigate reports of disembodied voices and moving objects in the Fairview apartments (what Wenger was called when he housed students).

All that being said: if there was a ghost hunting sport on campus, would you participate? Would you walk into bathrooms and old dorms at night just to see your anxiety go from “student” level to “haunted student” level? Would you even consider it a sport? (Most of our sources say no to the latter, but you never know. Escaping the paranormal is probably less stressful than Finals and could totally count as exercise.)

Still, for something with no guarantee of ever becoming real, many students seemed thrilled at the idea of ​​an on-campus ghost hunting group. Becca’s first reaction when I suggested it be a shout out of “I LOVE this!” and a few other students also commented that it looked like an exciting new activity. So, it looks like we’ve found a new hobby.

It’s time to go check the toilets at 10 p.m.!


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