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At this point in December, the only ghosts people think about are those of Christmas past, present and future. But for a team of student A&M investigators, the Corsicana Opry and Event Center presents a mystery that extends far beyond.

The Texas A&M Paranormal Society investigated the downtown building on Friday, using a variety of technical equipment specifically used to hunt the supernatural. These elements include devices that record movement, vibration and temperature, as well as the detection of electromagnetic fields and electronic voice phenomena. Cell phones, with their built-in motion sensors, flashlights, and cameras, are the most accessible device for all levels of ghost hunters.

The Student Team, a group of undergraduate and graduate students interested in the paranormal, began their investigations in May 2018. The group visits allegedly haunted locations in the Texas area and beyond.

Carolyn McCombs, owner of the Corsicana Opry, heard about the group after speaking to a lady whose son went to A&M. McCombs told her about the various events happening in the building, and the lady said her son would like to visit the Opry. A visit date has been set for December 13.

“We are conducting investigations,” said Jonathan Craig, president of the Texas A&M Paranormal Society. “We try to keep them as legit and scientific as possible, to minimize contamination and to get our name out there.”

The Opry was built in 1905, once housing the Central Texas Grocery Supply Co. Over the years, the building served several businesses until McCombs purchased the space in 2013. The building’s long history makes it a great place for paranormal activities. , and the staff does not dispute this.

“We put tools down, and we can’t find them where we left them,” Opry staffer JR Robinson said of his equipment’s disappearance and later reappearance in stories. random places.

“We haven’t even been to that part of the building and we’ll find them there.”

Robinson, who has only been with the Opry for three months, also mentioned people getting slapped in the back of the head and sliding bars coming down on their own on the soundboard of the system. sound.

McCombs had more stories of other inexplicable incidents, heads hitting, footsteps and sudden drops in temperature, while showing the building’s 7,000 square foot basement which houses inaccessible relics of previous businesses and a huge natural well that goes down 20 feet below the ground.

“We had quite a few things that happened, but nothing bad,” McCombs said of the events, which would happen regularly.

“Corsicana has a lot of paranormal activity,” McCombs said.

McCombs shared that the building had already been purchased by four women who were prominent in Corsicana’s business community. Once the women bought Central Texas Grocery Supply from owner Billy Wilson, they quickly rented it to him. Later, one of the ladies died and it is assumed that one of the spectral inhabitants of the building is one of these women.

The sweet scent of flowers can sometimes fill the air pockets people pass through, and sometimes a lady in a long white dress can be seen in the basement.

Psychics visited the Opry, claiming to sense the woman’s presence in the basement, although incidents occurred throughout the building. Other smells, such as a strong smell of cigars, also hinted at male presences. Spectral “orbs,” which come in a variety of colors and often appear in photos, are the most tangible examples of documenting presences beyond the veil of the living.

In trying to explain the interesting nature of the various phenomena, McCombs simply said, “Anyway, that’s fair.”

As for finding evidence, Craig hopes to find anything useful.

“A lot of times you’ll investigate and get nothing,” Craig said. “So any kind of EVPs, EMF readings, anything on camera would be amazing.”

“Any kind of evidence that we can share with the Opry Hall and then post on our social media so that we can present the information to people who follow us and do with it what they want.” says Craig.

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