Hublot aims for (yellow) gold in 2022


After years of hype around stainless steel sports watches, Hublot is returning to its origins in the colored precious metal. As part of the launch of its 2022 range at LVMH Watch Week, Hublot has announced the new Yellow Gold collection, which covers a quartet of classic Hublot designs.

In the early 1980s, when the name Hublot first appeared on the dial of a wristwatch, the watch industry was in turmoil. After the advent of quartz timepieces in the late 1960s, the Swiss watch industry was redefining itself, playing with new materials and designs.

While yellow gold has always been considered the a classic watchmaking material, it was Hublot founder Carl Croco who catapulted metal into the modern era. Rather than using the elemental alloy to make conservative dress watches, he created a yellow gold sports watch with a rubber strap, which was the first time the materials had been used in the same watch.

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Building on this history, Hublot is looking to celebrate yellow gold once again, with a new collection that covers almost the entire Hublot catalog, including the Classic Fusion Chronograph, Big Bang Integral, Big Bang Unico and Spirit. of Big Bang. In line with the very first Hublot, the entire Yellow Gold collection embodies the striking contrast between gold and black, with all dials and straps executed in the ink hue. Let’s discover this collection of precious metals, design by design.

Classic Fusion Chronograph

24 LVMH WW Hublot collection in yellow gold

Perhaps the closest living relative to the original Hublot wristwatch, the Classic Fusion Chronograph features a clean, almost minimal aesthetic on the wrist. I say almost minimal, because yellow gold could well be the less minimal hardware in the game, however, the two-register chronograph dial is nicely balanced without being boring. Powered by the MHUB1153 self-winding chronograph movement, the 42mm watch remains simple and slender. Price: $37,400

The spirit of the Big Bang

31 LVMH WW Hublot collection in yellow gold

Then we have the Spirit of Big Bang, which features a yellow gold tonneau case and skeleton dial, executed with a width of 42mm. Don’t let that number fool you, as it packs a serious punch on the wrist in both its weight and looks. It’s not a small watch, but that doesn’t mean it’s not extremely comfortable on the wrist, with the slightly curved case hugging the contours of your wrist better than you might think. Price: $56,500

Big Bang Integral

15 LVMH WW Hublot Collection Yellow Gold

In the Hublot catalogue, the Big Bang Integral is a relatively recent phenomenon, with the first expressions of the aggressively faceted watch launched only in 2020. This year the collection has expanded to include the Yellow Gold collection we see here, as well than another new 40mm Temporal Collection. The secret power of the Big Bang Integral, particularly in yellow gold, lies in the articulate mix of brushed and polished surfaces on the case and bracelet. The remarkable shimmering effect it creates is guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention in the room, so if you want to keep a low profile, maybe consider the Classic Fusion Chronograph. Price: $73,200

This watch was also available in two other versions set with diamonds, called Pave and Jewelry, with respectively 5.4 cts and 17 cts of diamonds. Discover them and their immaculate stone setting in the gallery at the end of the article. Price: $140.00 for the Pave and $294,000 for the Jewelry.

Big Bang Unico

16 LVMH WW Hublot collection in yellow gold

Last, but certainly not least, is the Big Bang Unico, which is another bold yet beautiful chronograph from Hublot. The Big Bang Unico has always been a popular offering from Hublot and has been used as the backdrop for a number of wildly successful limited edition pieces in recent years. Now executed in 42mm yellow gold, this new version is also sure to be popular, powered by the impressively capable self-winding MHUB1280 Unico 2. Price: $51,200


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