In March you can go ghost hunting in Goa


There will be a historical walk to what Mohanty calls ‘the most haunted place in Goa’ and two ghost hunting expeditions. The exact locations are secret but there is a good chance they will be in North Goa as the tour will be based there. We know for a fact that Calangute and Baga are haunted by too many tourists and vendors.

The places chosen are “neutral” so that people can experience the paranormal but not in a way that frightens or traumatizes them. Neutral here means you can expect entities and spirits (the first rule of ghost hunting, don’t call them ghosts) but there won’t be the drama or background score of a movie. horror of Ramsey. “We want to remove paranormal fear by showing people what’s really happening on the ground,” says Mohanty. These are carefully vetted locations as the team has already visited them and interacted with the entities and ensured that there is no human presence behind the hauntings.

So what happens on a ghost hunt? Can I be possessed?

No, you will not be possessed. But, you can interact with a spirit. If you wear a body camera, you can record this interaction for posterity and prove to your loved ones that things really happened.

At each location, the group will be divided into teams led by a psychic and paranormal investigator. First, the medium will reveal if there is energy here. If so, the session begins by introducing the groups to the entities within them. Remember: politeness goes a long way, even in the spirit world. After the practice sessions are complete, the group will attempt to establish communication with the spirits and record them on devices. On the third morning, the tour will take place early in the morning to show people that “paranormal events can happen at any time and not just at night”.

At the end of each visit, a “spiritual cleansing” will ensure that no unattached spirits have lingered on you.

What devices are used?

Numerous! There will be tri-field meters and phantom meters (electromagnetic field sensors), electronic voice phenomena recorders or EVPs for low level noises and voices, a full spectrum night vision camera, thermal sensors, radio frequency sensors, mirrorless digital cameras, IR motion sensor and temperature guns.

Do I have to believe in ghosts to attend?

The team is very particular that GET is not for anyone. There are only ten slots and they want to make sure that people in attendance have an open mind and are respectful of the pitch. Interested participants must complete a form and be part of an interview so that PAIRS can gauge the level of interest. This is all to make sure no one creates a scene or gets too argumentative and disrespects anyone else; something they noticed in their previous events.

Aren’t they promoting superstitions?

“We do the opposite,” Mohanty says. “The subject or the field is not superstitious. People have always believed in entities, energies and spirits. But it is our human reaction to these entities and our personal interpretation of them that ends up becoming stories and urban legends and therefore superstitions. For example, the idea that ghosts wear white sarees or are more active at night is a belief stemming from horror stories and movies.

PAIRS says they have worked to remove these fears and beliefs from people’s minds through their surveys, across India, from bustling cities to small villages.

Why Goa?

PAIRS’ most interesting investigation in Goa involved an abandoned house in Anjuna. On a hot summer morning in March 2021, they encountered spirits in this ruined house. Spirits or entities that have made their presence felt by slamming of doors, whispers and whispers, loud bangs, etc. Further investigations and communications revealed that the house was the site of illegal medical procedures, and evidence was disposed of in a covered well.

Goa was chosen because they wanted to show another side of what many see as a party state. The team traveled to Goa last year to conduct surveys at five locations; they have 15 on their waiting list.

“Who would go to Goa to investigate the paranormal? Mohanty asks.

Now with GET it is possible.


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