New ghost hunting group set up in Thorpe St Andrew


06:00 19 February 2022

A new group dedicated to ghostly sightings and things that jostle in the night has been set up in the city.

Launched just this week, the Thorpe St Andrew Paranormal Investigators Group has already seen more than 20 Ghostbusters sign up in less than 24 hours.

Some members have years of experience traveling across the country for surveys, while others want to start with like-minded people.

Lisa Wood, 54, from Thorpe St Andrew, is co-administrator of the group and has been interested in spiritual activities since childhood.

She said: “I have never physically seen a ghost but I believe in spirits and there have been many signs in my own life.

Lisa Wood, one of the trustees of the Thorpe St Andrew Paranormal Investigators Group
– Credit: Lisa Wood

“I believe there are spirits in birds and on the recent anniversary of my mum’s death a robin landed right next to my foot and was skipping around.

“I also believe in angels, which makes me look like a lunatic.

“I recently thought there was an evil spirit in my house, so I burned some sage and the atmosphere improved a lot.

“As a teenager I started reading some really pretty dark stuff and it became a lifelong interest from there.”

Another early member of the group is Toby Bunton, 27, who has visited several locations in Norwich in search of paranormal activity with his partner and friend.

Toby Bunton who lives in Thorpe St Andrew

Toby Bunton who lives in Thorpe St Andrew
– Credit: Toby Bunton

Mr Bunton said: “I’ve only ever done my own paranormal investigations and wanted to see how it worked with others and find interesting new places to visit.

“Being in Thorpe St Andrew myself, it’s local and easy to meet.”

Many ghosts are said to roam the ruins of Burgh Castle.  Photo: Computer Library

Those interested in paranormal activity can join a new group at Thorpe St Andrew
– Credit: Archant © 2005

Emma Porter, 40, from Great Plumstead, first became interested in spirits and ghosts in 2016 after looking for something to do for a weekend.

After initially signing up ‘for a laugh’, she got hooked on her new hobby and has since traveled to places as far afield as Liverpool on ghost hunts.

Emma Porter who traveled across the country ghost hunting

Emma Porter who traveled across the country ghost hunting
– Credit: Emma Porter

She said, “I’ve been through so much from being shot in the face at the Anzio military camp barracks to communicating with spirits on Ouija boards and K2 meters.”

The group’s first meeting will be at The Cottage pub in Thunder Lane on Monday February 28 at 6.30pm.


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