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Alongside the restaurants and clothing boutiques of downtown Loveland sits a new store that seeks to bring positive energy to the people of Loveland with an enthusiastic owner at the helm.

Patricia Bate opened Willow Shaper in December, hoping to bring her love of spiritualism to those around her. According to Willow Shaper’s website, the store serves as a “catalyst for the spiritual journey of anyone who identifies as a modern-day witch,” operating in light to bring “consciousness and passion to the art of the manifestation, the definition of the intention and the fate. foundry.”

With Willow Shaper, Bate has a company for the first time to offer what she loves about spiritualism. She said that before that — after some time in retirement — she worked as an accountant for the Small Business Administration.

She said that over the past year of operation, business has grown steadily and she has come to meet customers who have gone beyond interested buyers to become close companions.

“I made amazing lifelong friends,” she said. “It’s been awesome.”

She said her customers were a mix between those with experience in spiritualism and those who had just passed the store and decided to enter. The store offers a wide variety of Tarot Card Decks, Spell Kits, Crystals, Herbs and more for the interested buyer.

Bate added that her husband, Lyle Bate, also plans to operate as an apothecary soon.

As the boutique continues to grow and take hold in downtown Loveland, Bate said she wants to create an inclusive environment that is open to everyone.

“I hope to bring a place where everyone is welcome,” she said. “I want them to be able to come in and ask questions and be comfortable asking questions. I listen and I also learn a lot.

What does it mean to be a “modern day witch” as your mission speaks of it?

To be a modern day witch means to be inclusive of everyone. Witches foster a deep connection with nature and with each other. We are all connected and it is necessary to be aware of it.

How did you come to spiritualism?

Spiritual experiences have been an important part of my life. Living in Colorado has allowed me to connect with nature. Being in the mountains has always seemed peaceful and soothing to me. I started by collecting a crystal here and there, not really knowing why, but feeling a strong connection. A few years ago I wanted to be more in tune with nature and all it has to offer. Since then I have focused and intended on collecting and using crystals and herbs and the energy the Earth has to offer.

How is the production of each of your kits going?

When I craft the spell kits, I put positive energy into each one. I take the time to think about the intended use and the person using it. When I put together my healing kit, I think of all the things a person might use the kit for and focus on the healing energy.

What is the impact of focusing on positive energy in what you offer to the community?

We are all connected and the positive energy each of us sends out into the universe is the energy we will all receive. Everything we offer in Willow Shaper, herbal medicine, divination tools, energy crystals, books and candles is all about positive energy.

How does what you offer at Willow Shaper fit into modern spiritualism and the spiritualism of the Loveland community?

People enter the shop every day, curious about witchcraft and earthly spirituality. I realized that many of us thought we were alone on this path. Willow Shaper has been and continues to be a place where people can connect with each other, learn from each other, and build transformative, nature-based spirituality in the community.

Patricia Bate

Age: 57

Title at Willow Shaper: Owner

Time in the region: Almost four years in Loveland, life in Colorado

Location: 114 E. Fourth Street, Loveland

Business hours: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday

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