Peter Weber on ‘Bachelor’ Return, Ghost Hunting and More


Going back to “The Bachelor” is a scary thought for Peter Weber.

“For me, it wasn’t the most natural way to really cultivate a real, real relationship,” the New York-based pilot – who helmed season 24 of the ABC dating series – exclusively told Page. Six in a new interview.

“It was too many distractions that I wouldn’t want to subject myself to again in the future.”

As viewers will recall, the California native did his best for the show in 2020, but his relationships with several contestants, including Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett and Kelley Flanagan, were eventually dissolved.

When asked if he would ever consider reprising his role as season 11 and season 15 star Brad Womack did, Weber assured us, “No.”

Instead of looking for a wife these days, happily single 30-year-old Weber is ghost hunting alongside famed psychic Jonathan Mark.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber exclusively told Page Six that he’d rather hunt ghosts than seek love again as “The Bachelor.”
ABC via Getty Images

After connecting on Weber’s “Bachelors in the City” podcast earlier this year, the two struck a pact to meet up in Manhattan, where they eventually searched for spirits with a group of friends the first week of ‘October.

“He had this great idea to go do this ghost tour. Actually, I wasn’t going to lie, a little hesitant,” Weber said, recounting his first feelings about the Greenwich Village excursion.

“I kept thinking, ‘Hey, should we do this? Is it a good idea?’ But Jon [told me]’Rest assured, you’re going to be good, you’re fine.'”

Peter Weber and Jonathan Mark go on a ghost tour with friends
Weber and famed psychic Jonathan Mark took a group of friends on a ghost tour of New York’s Greenwich Village – where they spotted a “creepy” spirit.

Everything was going “good” – until Mark’s psychic abilities helped him spot a man’s face in a centuries-old tombstone in a downtown cemetery.

It wasn’t long before Weber’s podcast co-host, roommate, and former “Bachelorette” Season 15 alum Dustin Kendrick saw a shadowy figure moving over the grave. The chilling moment, captured on camera, can be seen in exclusive Page Six video footage above.

“It was super creepy. I do this every day and it still scares me,” said Mark, who connected everyone from Kanye West to Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt with their deceased loved ones.

“It was my first time hunting ghosts. I didn’t know what it really entailed,” he continued, adding that it “differs” from his typical job because there is no being alive to instantly validate their readings.

“That’s why we asked to have [a tour guide] who knew well [the] Pitches [we scouted] because… i needed someone to validate [what I was picking up] instead of throwing things [out there] and I hope it sticks.

Mark, who realized his ‘gift’ when he was around 4 and now uses it to help the FBI and law enforcement solve cold cases, told us he and Weber hope to keep the creepy vibes going. way beyond Halloween – maybe even on a new reality series

Jonathan Mark
Mark has helped everyone from Kanye West to Heidi Montag connect with deceased relatives.

“I’m definitely doing a TV project right now. It’s in the works,” said the bicoastal seer, who splits his time between New York and Los Angeles. “We’re doing something a little different from ghost hunting, but I’m not opposed to doing that with Pete and Dustin and everyone. We are in talks to do that right now as well.

Weber, who has long believed in the supernatural realm, said he would jump at the chance to pursue such a project.

“Certainly, I’m curious,” he said, adding that he would like to explore haunted buildings with Mark next.

“We haven’t entered anywhere. It was just kind of an outdoor adventure. But maybe [to] going to see places inside would be interesting… I’ve always believed in this kind of thing. I wasn’t too skeptical. And Jon definitely has a gift.


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