Review: The Girls’ Guide to Ghost Hunting by Stacey Graham


Say scary ghost stories at sleepovers and at summer camp are a rite of passage for children. We all perfect the part that makes the flashlight shine under your chin by the time we hit our teens. There’s something fun, awkward and a little scary about telling these stories and wondering if there are really things that happen in the night. For all the girls who have wondered and wished they could find a real ghost, Stacey Graham wrote The Girls’ Ghost Hunting Guide. Aimed at ages 9 and up, this book is packed with spooky stuff that tweens will love.

It starts with a bit of history, including famous fakes and how they tricked people into believing there was a ghost in the room. It continues to include spooky stories from real-life Ghostbusters and tips on how to throw a spooky party with your friends. There is also a question from a young “Future Ghost Hunter” at the end of each chapter with the name and age of the child asking the question. It’s a good way to give children the impression that the author is speaking directly to each of them.

Much like the ouija board kids pull out on a sleepover, this is a book kids will likely take with their friends when they want to have a little fun looking for ghosts and scaring each other. If your daughter loves telling ghost stories in the dark and can’t wait for the next Halloween, then she’ll love The Girls’ Ghost Hunting Guide ($9.99).

A copy of this book has been provided for review.


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