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Just behind Lubbock Cemetery is something historic. And some say it’s haunted. It is a railroad trestle known as Hell’s Gate. For over a century, there have been stories and rumors about the site. The KLBK team decided to take a ghost hunting trip to the south end of Dunbar Park to see if there is any truth to the legends.

We are a daily news team….Ghost Hunters for a night. We began our investigation inside Lubbock Cemetery. The third largest in Texas with over 60,000 souls, including Lubbock music legend Buddy Holley. We were all silent except for the tears Matt was crying…saying, “I’m just sad.” Buddy was silent too.

Legend says you must kiss the feet of the tallest angel or you might run the risk of a dark figure called the hunter following you. Just beyond Lubbock Cemetery is what can be considered the portal between us and the land of the dead. We walked the winding road to Hell’s Gate. Stopping to say our prayers and make our plans for the night.

As the Moon rises and the veil thins, we talk about where folklore began. “In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, robbers would stop the train and take all their possessions or treasures, and after stealing them, throwing some of their bodies on the side of the tracks, they would stop here and dumped their bodies here.”

So were there any spirits among us? Matt had the experience of hearing a sound that wasn’t wind while saying, “Who…”

Terri asks, “Is there anyone here?” But asking for a sign freaked him out a bit because he got 4 phone calls from his grandmother. He just dropped the first three, but when he answered the fourth call, he had full bars and 4G, but no one was on the other end of the line.

Our producer Kate was alone when she felt something touch her… Some of us went to explore… and we took turns sitting alone under the trestle. Terri experienced some activity with the Milligauss meter and had a conversation with a spirit, Ryan thought no one wanted to talk to her, but upon reviewing the footage we discovered something translucent was going through the frame . So he was wrong. Matt and Jacob took a different approach. Sort of like a pod cast with lots of light a bit nervous to find anything.

We packed up our gear and left the gates of Hell. Each of us with a new perspective. But the team had one last thing to do…kiss the feet of the angels at the graveyard. The stories of this place will live on. Many have visited awaiting answers from beyond…

What will you find?


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