The North Country Ghostbusters Team Gets a TV Show


PLATTSBURGH, NY (WCAX) – A team of upstate New York ghost hunters are getting their own TV show.

The Misfits Paranormal Crew are a local group of spooky investigators.

“We started locally at his son’s house or at the cemetery or at my house which is extremely haunted,” said Misfits Paranormal Crew member Melissa Savage.

That was eight years ago and the group has grown over the years, adding new members.

“I was able to see things that I didn’t know I could see or find. It’s been very hectic for me,” said Jeremiah Benjamin of the Misfits Paranormal Crew.

Paranormal hunts usually take place during witch hours, which is between midnight and 3 a.m.

The team recently teamed up with Frank Fronk, creator of the TV show “All Things Paranormal.”

“The basis of the show is to broaden the perspective of the paranormal,” Fronk said.

He teaches the team new tricks and tools to use for their hunts.

On Friday night, the Misfits were in the basement of Olive Ridley’s.

“What was seen here is an older man, people saw things moving, poltergeist activity that would be like moving glasses,” Fronk said.

The team uses every tool in the toolbox to see what might be hiding in the dark.

“It shows the heat source and it will look like a stick figure if there is something paranormal there,” Savage said. “It’s dancing… it likes the music upstairs.”

Fronk says county history is paramount to gruesome behavior.

“A place like Plattsburgh, it has so much rich history with the military and war and everything else that it’s not uncommon that there could be a cemetery here,” Fronk said.

The Misfits Paranormal Crew hunts will soon be featured in a spinoff of Fronk’s show on Paraflixx, a streaming service dedicated to paranormal activity.

“The opportunity to learn about the paranormal from people who have been investigating this field for several years,” Fronk said.

The team hopes the show will help open minds to what might be living in the area.

“Hopefully if they’re interested in that kind of stuff, they’ll really look into it. Find out where these energies come from. It’s real and the more you go in, the more you’ll see,” Benjamin said.

The show is still in pre-production, but the team has been invited to the world’s biggest ghost hunt in Orange, Massachusetts, where they will investigate the Wheeler Mansion. It will be broadcast live.

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