The Watcher – The hunt for the haunted


A new episode of the Paranormal Network video series haunted hunt was released this morning, and in this one, we dig into the mystery of The Observer! This bizarre case has been classified as a true horror story – possibly even a haunted house story, despite the fact that there were no indications of paranormal activity. Find out all about it by watching the video in the embed above.

haunted hunt is a monthly exploration of

suspected paranormal activity animated by investigators and researchers Jason Hewlett and Peter Renn. Both combine their knowledge of hauntings and paranormal investigations with well-known and lesser-known reports of haunted people, places and things. The show dissects everything from The Amityville Haunting and The Enfield Poltergeist to cases Peter has investigated during his 27 years in the field. Jason and Peter also discuss other aspects of the paranormal, including equipment, hoaxes, and natural explanations for alleged activity.

The show is edited by Jason D. Morris. This episode was written by Jason Hewlett. haunted hunt is produced by Jason Hewlett and produced by Berge Garabedian.

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Some of the previous episodes of haunted hunt can be seen below. It’s one of the many shows we have on our YouTube channel The Paranormal Network, which is dedicated to things like UFOs, Hauntings, and Cryptids. Other series include That Bigfoot Show, Myths, We Want to Believe, Cryptid Campfire, UFO Incidents, and The UFO show. To see more, head over to YouTube, check out the channel, and subscribe while you’re at it! You can read more about the channel on THIS LINK.


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