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Everyone and the Supernatural

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One man’s death trap is worth $192,000 to another. It’s true: the US government put up an old, dilapidated lighthouse in Maryland for sale, and someone overpaid for it. But we get it, who wouldn’t want to throw on a Chris Evans Knives out-esque sweater and sip their tea by the sea?

We loved the idea of ​​the lighthouses, but we’re pretty sure they’re all haunted. So we set out to test this theory. Jeremy D’Entremont describes himself as a beacon; he is a historian for both the American Lighthouse Foundation and the US Lighthouse Society, but he is also a ghost hunter. “My feeling is that whether or not you believe there are ghosts or want to describe it, I believe the guardian spirits are with us in some way, figuratively or literally. .”

Before they could investigate, a team had to be assembled. Jeremy D’Entremont is our guide, Ava Salsman is our ghost scholar, and Wilder Fleming is our engineer extraordinaire. And of course, who could forget our adorable hostess Emma Choi?! The Spook Squad headed for Portsmouth Lighthouse on a beautiful autumn day when the leaves were orange and the lighthouse shone with its white paint. But we couldn’t help but wonder if there was something more nefarious lurking inside?

This is, after all, the same lighthouse where Jeremy D’Entremont heard a mysterious, unexplained voice in 2007. He was showing a young couple around when he heard a mysterious “HELLO”.

“So I said to the couple, ‘Did you hear anything?’ The guy said, ‘Yes, I heard a man say hello.’ His wife didn’t hear anything,” D’Entremont said.

With a homemade pendulum created from shoelace and a dorm key, the team was on a mission to speak to Captain Carter, Portsmouth’s lighthouse keeper for decades, from the Great Beyond.

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