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Co-op ghost hunting title from Kinetic Games Phasmophobia has become something of a horror phenomenon. It’s only grown more and more over time, especially among the streaming community, with the indie horror title becoming hugely sought after on Steam. Perhaps one of the things that makes the game so effective and scary is the peril that comes with every investigation. Navigating a place to find out what kind of ghost is around is not nearly as terrifying if there is no real danger, which is why the developers allowed the ghost to kill players.


When a ghost in Phasmophobia hunts, this is where things get a little tricky. As players’ sanity drops to a certain level, the specter will take over to conduct its own investigation, locking doors, and looking for players to attack. When this happens, and it will, there are things players can do to try and make it out alive.

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Turn off the flashlight

Screenshot from Phasmophobia showing a spooky being standing close to the player.

The first thing to emphasize when the ghost begins to hunt is not to panic. Phasmophobia isn’t a horror game that has a lot of scares, but it does create a certain tense atmosphere where players know their lives will be in danger if they stay too long in the haunted place. This means that when all hell breaks loose, it can be easy to forget the basics of survival. An important first step when the lights start flashing and the doors lock is that the ghost will see the player’s own flashlight.

As relevant as it is to have a light on, especially when it’s dark, keeping it on when the ghost begins to hunt is a surefire way to make sure he’ll be able to see where someone is. As ethereal as ghosts in the game can be, they still have some of their abilities, including sight.

As soon as the flashlight begins to flicker and the sound of the approaching ghost is heard, turning off the light should be an immediate priority. Since the light can be activated even when not in the player’s hand, there is no need to switch to it. Whether it’s in hand or not, turn that light off before she spots it.

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Find a place to hide

Screenshot from Phasmophobia showing the main area at the start with the whiteboard to the right.

Although Phasmophobia has items to help clear an area, such as smudge sticks and crucifixes, the ghost initiating its own hunting streak is inevitable. While turning off the flashlight is probably the first thing players will want to do when on the prowl, standing still in the dark won’t do much to increase the chances of surviving an encounter.

While the game itself even warns that running away isn’t always the answer, although it’s more of a brisk walk than a run, it’s still necessary to be on the move during a hunt. .

As cowardly as it may sound, the best tactic is to find a place to hide. While in some of the larger maps it is possible to be far enough away that the ghost may not reach players in time before it disappears again, or it may be surrounded by open spaces, small cards will require a hiding place.

Moving calmly and slowly, preferably crouched down with no light showing the player’s location, in an area away from the ghost, preferably in a closet, is a good decision. One strategy is to hide in a closet while keeping the slider on the handle.

Since the scarier now Phasmophobia ghosts can open doors, keeping the closet or bedroom door closed as best as possible should prevent the ghost from looking for prey. Failing that, a locker in a garage should help put a barrier between the player and the attacking spirit.

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Do not talk

Screenshot from Phasmophobia showing a close-up of a terrifying creature with large amounts of teeth instead of a face.

An update introduced a way for ghosts to Phasmophobia to hear the players talk. While this is an immersive way for people to interact with the ghost in question, by calling their name or trying to engage with them through the spirit box, it can also have downsides. .

If the ghost can hear players when it’s quiet, that also means it can hear people talking when it’s hunting. Similar to a flashlight, continuing to speak with each other will only alert the ghoul to a person’s specific location.

So it goes without saying that when a hunt takes place, it’s time for players to keep a low profile for the duration. When using Phasmophobiain-game chat system, this might be less of a problem, as the attacking ghost will interfere with the player’s form of communication. In this case, there is no point in talking, because people cannot hear each other while hunting anyway.

However, if players choose to use something like Discord, which the ghost cannot interfere with, the chatter can continue. It can be easy to forget that human players aren’t the only ones listening. Even temporarily turning off the mic will be a significant help, making it much harder to find, but also means it won’t have any effect if players accidentally keep talking.

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Keep sanity above 50

Screenshot from Phasmophobia showing the player's sanity in the truck.

In general, it is important to combine the three tips above. The reality is that when the ghost starts hunting, there is no escape until it captures someone or eventually disappears. A die Phasmophobia updates have made hunts last longer depending on the chosen difficulty, especially in nightmare mode. As long as he lasts, there’s still time for him to catch and kill people, which ideally nobody wants.

Of course, keeping sanity above a certain level will ensure the ghost doesn’t attack in the first place, so it’s not really about what happens when it actually hunts. However, it is a point that deserves to be mentioned all the same. Prevention is better than cure, and all that. Of course, on harder difficulties and with more players, Sanity drops faster, so it’s not always worth relying on Sanity pills. They’ll prevent the ghost from becoming deadly, but the other tips will provide a way to survive a ghostly attack.

Phasmophobia is currently available on Steam.

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