Why are we obsessed with spiritualism?


“Usually we’ve lost touch with our intuition and no longer know how to trust ourselves,” agrees Yolandi Boshoff, a Devon-based psychic. “Tarot and astrology are ancient tools that can guide us and help us know more about ourselves. But when we become so dependent on charts or astronomical charts to tell us what our next move or decision should be , we step out of ourselves, letting someone or something else determine our path to follow instead.

You’ve probably been to at least one party where someone pulled out a tarot deck, but Boshoff recommends taking the time to focus on your own intuition when faced with a dilemma, rather than immediately seeking a glimpse of a deck. Cards. “Take a few minutes to sit still, ask yourself your question and see what your body is saying,” she suggests. “What does a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ look like to you? For me, a ‘yes’ is open without a twitch in my body, while a ‘no’ is uncomfortable and my body pulls itself together. Play with those feelings and see what happens.

And when you feel like everything is going wrong? “Speak kindly to yourself, breathe, listen to positive music, and remember all the great things you’ve done, no matter how small,” suggests Aysha Bell, a transformational yoga teacher based in London. “When you wake up, review everything you’re grateful for: your family, your friends, your bed, your pets, and even your fridge. When we are grateful, there is less room to sink into negative thought patterns.


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