You can take a course on hunting at the University of Montana


The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has partnered with the University of Montana’s Wildlife Biology Program to offer the first-ever “Wild Sustenance” program for students.

RMEF spokesman Mark Holyoak said the courses highlight “the fundamental role hunting plays in society and wildlife conservation”.

It’s called the Wilderness Subsistence Curriculum or the Wilderness Systems Studies Curriculum I should say,” Holyoak said. “Basically, it’s a three-credit course that we’re working hand-in-hand with the University of Montana to create, and it basically gives an opportunity for students and different majors to try hunting and learn from it. learn a little more about it.”

Created especially for those with little or no hunting experience, but would like to learn, Holyoak has outlined what to expect in Wild Sustenance courses.

“It offers different modules that will allow them to learn about hunting,” he says. “Maybe some courses will help them overcome some of the obstacles. Because a lot of people who don’t hunt or don’t have that experience just don’t know where to start and so the course will focus on that. “There are different types of technology that will be used to help them learn about everything from safe gun handling to dressing in the field and then how to communicate about the hunt and talk to people about it. others.”

The primary focus of the Wild Sustenance program is conservation and a better understanding of hunting as it relates to the conservation and responsible management of wildlife.

“Some of the other things that are really important to us as an organization are that we strongly believe that hunting is conservation, and that there are very strong links between hunting and conservation,” he said. declared. “Hunting is a key component, a key tool in wildlife management; putting good objective numbers on the ground of both predators and prey to ensure that our wildlife populations are healthy. Additionally, the hunt provides all kinds of funding for wildlife management and to help care for our animals and our landscapes that are out there.

Holyoak said additional workshops will be available to the general public, including curriculum and virtual reality modules at the RMEF Elk Country Visitor Center.

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